Installation and event, 'Any Pitch Way' at South Bermondsey Festival. Photograph: Rosalind Wilson
Balls: Tiz Creel
Corner flags: Kneed (Ishwari Bhalerao and Leonie Rousham)
Bibs: Natanya Mark
Goals & pitch marcation: Rosalind Wilson
Kickabout event football coach: Carla Recover
Chanting workshop, 'Beats, Balls, Needs, Calls' with Jenny Moore
Football Reading Group.
Image credit: Alice Devine
↗ Publication with contributions by Laur Rozier,
Naomi Accardi, Hannah Buckman, Juliet Jacques, Gray Wielebinski and Idle Women
Image: Laur Rozier
Youth team co-commission: Phoebe Davies and Rose Nordin in collaboration with Girls United FC

Youth team co-commission: Jesse McLaughlin in collaboration with Athenlay FC

Youth team co-commission: Dina Rončević
in collaboration with Dalmain Athletic GFC

Rule-breaking ball game workshop led by Pester & Rossi
Photograph: Paul Chapellier
Evening of performances with Louise Ashcroft, Corey Hayman and Rowland Hill Image: Louise Ashcroft, 'Untitled', photographed by Liz Calvi

Stitching football banners workshop led by Nadia Atique
↗ Downloadable female football 'pub quiz'
Football shirt making workshop with Jasper Jones
Salt x Montez Press radio segment
Round Table Conversation, 'Creative Practices and their Impact on Female Football', with Lauren Corelli,
Ro Jackson & Jessie Krish
↗ Football Reading Group library

Against the Run of Play Women's World Cup Hub Space
Against the Run of Play · Football Reading Group with Ashleigh Williams
'We demanded equality' text
Football Reading Group with Ashleigh Williams